Employment Course - Success Story


Zebra Access held a free employment training course for Deaf people in May 2014. The training aimed to provide unemployed individuals an opportunity to develop a number of skills that are required for employment. We're pleased to share a success story about one of the participants who was involved in our course.

Tayo: 'I was recently involved in a course run by Zebra in Wolverhampton to look for work. The course involved helping Deaf people to improve their CV and find out what kind of job they were aiming to achieve. I used the laptop to look for work and apply for jobs with my CV. This was useful as I had no prior work experience. Through the course I was told about a cleaning position which I applied for. After a nervous wait I finally received an email offering me an interview. I attended the interview and met Jason, the owner of the business 'Hawkeye', who is Deaf himself. We sat down and had a chat which went well. Afterwards he asked me to take off my coat and gave me cleaning supplies as he wanted to see me clean the office. I did what was asked and when I had finished Jason told me I had done a good job and to meet him on Monday to start work! It felt amazing, I was so proud. I told him that I would try my best.

I started work that Monday cleaning offices, houses, and a variety of other places. That was in 2014 and we are now in 2015 so nearly a year ago, wow! I feel very proud of myself. I'm earning good money and doing really well. There was a lot to learn, like how to use the specialist cleaning equipment. It was difficult but I did it and I'm proud of that.'


Employer Jason: 'When I need employees I always try to look for deaf candidates who are employed, but I have difficulty in finding them. This has all changed when I talked to Chris Beech, Project Development and Training Officer for Zebra Access last year. He mentioned that he was involved in an Employment Course for deaf people which involves various workshops for unemployed deaf people. Since then I have worked closely with Chris and he has helpfully recommended suitable candidates for my business.

Last year in June I urgently need a staff so I got in touch with Chris who recommended a couple of potential candidates. I employed Tayo after a successful interview and work trial. Tayo never had a paid job for 5 years since leaving college.

With the employment training opportunities provided by Chris and through training provided by myself to become a cleaning operative, Tayo became successful in his role and has been working part-time for me since June last year. Tayo successfully secured a temporary cleaning job with a different company and they were impressed with his work.

This success is all down to the training and workshops provided by Chris, the first stepping stone into employment. Without this Tayo may have still struggled to find work today.

It goes to show how important a charity company like Zebra Access is doing for deaf people alongside with many other projects such as health, media, arts and awareness. Training/ workshop opportunities are for the deaf community within the Black Country is crucial in helping people who struggle to get into employment. Zebra Access is a charity and we need your donation which would be greatly appreciated however small to contribute towards valuable opportunities for deaf people.'