Tough Guy Results!

Tested by mud, fire, water and electricity... we're pleased to share that all 6 guys are alive and well!

Alban, Chris, Henry, Jason and Steve braved the 15km course with over 200 obstacles with Matthew completing half.

"Tough Guy is really the toughest challenge I have faced and unfortunately I had to pull out halfway due to being at risk of hypothermia.  There was a lot of wading through water involved which came as high as my waist! Completing half still quite an achievement although I would have liked to complete I had to think about my health first!  Would I do it again?  Maybe!!" - Matthew

"Boy it was tough!  Given that almost 50% of the entrants did not complete the course, I don't think I would have completed it without the support of Steve, Jason, Alban, Henry and Matthew and the wonderful supporters who braved the cold to cheer us over the line.  I could not feel anything below my knees after the first 2K and the last third of the course was one big blur with so many obstacles.  Upon finishing, we all were so cold that we were shivering so much that most of our complimentary hot chocolate drink ended up on the floor...  Let's say I won't be returning for more in a hurry!" - Chris

"It was as great challenge, for a worthy cause and I was proud to take part especially because of all the support from the other lads, our supporters on the day and who couldn't make it. Thanks and keep on donating" - Alban


A huge congratulations to the tough 6 guys!  They competed in the event to fundraise for Zebra Access to introduce accessible health related workshops for Deaf people.  They are still welcoming donations if you would like to make a donation towards a good cause, you can do it here.