Employment Course 2014 News


"I've really enjoyed the last 12 weeks with Zebra Access and with Chris, I feel much more prepared to hopefully get back into work in the future.  A big thanks to Chris for his tutoring."


The 12 week employment training course has now come to an end, bidding farewell to the enthusiastic participants.


Zebra Access, who received a community grant from Awards for All, ran the Employment Course over a 12-week period. The course supported Deaf people in improving their confidence when developing their CVs, searching for jobs online, filling in application forms and practicing their interview skills. Simultaneously the course enabled then in understanding their rights to support in the work place under the Equality Act.

The course was held at the Science Park in Wolverhampton. It was a free course and was led by a Deaf tutor Chris Beech. Having previously worked for ASDA and Wolverhampton City Council, Chris used his own experiences and knowledge of recruitment to deliver the course brilliantly.

"Chris explained everything very clearly which helped me to learn a lot such as how to write a C.V, how to complete application forms whilst ensuring that the grammar and spellings were all correct and also helped me gain interview skills by doing mock interviews."

"I'm really grateful for the people here at Zebra Access as they have helped me with my choices and that journey I would like to take for my career. I was given career advice and helped with searching for job/ volunteer opportunities online."

"I have had help in creating my C.V and how to improve it. At first I didn't really understand how to write a C.V but with Zebra Access' support, I now feel confident about my C.V."

"I found the course very helpful; I received lots of tips and advice to help me find the right kind of job in the future and in a different area as I will be moving back to Liverpool soon.I enjoyed the course. I enjoyed learning about volunteering, training opportunities, having access to interview practice and meeting other people on the course. The tutor was excellent."

"A week after completing the first mock interview Chris gave me detailed feedback on what I needed to improve on so that I would feel much more confident for the second interview. My second mock interview went much better."

"The course has proved to be really beneficial as it became apparent at the start of the course that Deaf participants lacked confidence and were not really aware of what they need to be doing to sell themselves when it comes to applying for jobs. It has been great to see some people develop their awareness and confidence in job hunting over the past 12 weeks. So far over 30% of them have obtained employment whilst on the course. I hope that they all continue to develop themselves and show the world that Deaf people are really employable." - Tutor Chris Beech

"I'm feeling optimistic about my future.Thank you for your help."

With special thanks to Awards for All and Chris Beech, we wish the participants the best of luck in their future!