Vocational Training in Europe

Gecko at the moment are looking to recruit for any unemployed or a volunteer people who is looking for a great experience in art, culture or media.

A programme, 'The Lifelong Learning Programme' will cover the cost of work experience with travel and accommodation as well with free language training and some spending money.

Gecko have varies of contract which cover different places and weeks:

Vocational Training for European Creative, 5 people to Rome in October.

Mobility Opportunities for Vocational Experience, 6 people to Florence in October.

Striding Out to Europe, 5 people to La Coruna in Spain and 7 people to Valletta in Malta in September.

For more information, feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to discuss this with you providing interpreter as such as well.  Here is their website link: http://geckoprogrammes.co.uk/projects/european-team-and-projects/work-experience-in-europe/

One of our employee, Matthew Shaw, who currently our Communications Technician went to La Coruna in Spain for work experience with Gecko few years ago, his testimonial with them:

"The trip was nice and interesting.  It was an experience to see the difference between the English and Spanish culture.  There are a variety of sights to see such as the Tower of Hercules, the beach, Aquarium, etc.  I did enjoy the sightseeing and going to different places.  It is very different to Wolverhampton and the difference of culture between English and Spanish people was very interesting to note."