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Deaffest 2013, the 8th Festival at Light House in Wolverhampton was a jam-packed weekend.  On Friday this year's Deaffest kicked off with its first Young Actors and Scriptwriters Day aimed at young deaf people aged 13 to 18 years old. That afternoon young deaf people were treated to a drama workshop led by Theatre Director Paula Garfield followed by a second workshop led by Kalen Feeney, who had flown over all the way from the US especially for our event.  The day ended with Young Deaffest Ambassador Alex Nowak giving a Q & A session on his video diary 'The Life of a Deaf Actor'; his diary can be viewed here:

Check out the Opening Day video:

The evening of Premiere Night commenced with the celebration of Zebra Uno's 10th Anniversary, one of Deaffest largest sponsors. This took place in the Light House courtyard hosted by Clive Mason who presented the two well-known Deaf directors of Zebra Uno and Zebra Access, Nikki Stratton and Marilyn Willrich, with a celebratory award and large cake. There was further entertainment provided by Magician Mark Barber who kept guests amused.

In the cinema, both directors delivered an inspirational presentation, which was followed by a show reel of successful films and projects that the company has been involved in over the last 10 years. The official launch of Deaffest 2013 followed, starting with the screening of the Richard Griffiths, Deaffest's first patron, exclusive interview (which can be viewed: The interview captured many people's hearts as he sadly passed away in April this year.  This was followed by the screen launch of the Ben Steiner Film Bursary 2012 award film 'Retreat'. In addition to this, a behind the scenes film of 'Retreat' was shown: 'the Making of Ben Steiner Bursary Film 2013'.

Deaffest welcomed back two talented members of the Deaf dance group Def Motion, Billy Read and Christopher Fonseca who performed individually and wowed the audience with their expressional and creative dance, which can be viewed here: 

Check out the Premiere Night video:

After a very successful first day at Deaffest, everyone came back bright and early to the Deaffest fair on Saturday. In the courtyard of Lighthouse Media Centre there were stalls of professional organisations aimed for the Deaf community, homemade cakes and jewellery, etc. Craft activities were available on a children's stall to keep them entertained whilst parent and friends chatted amongst themselves.

In the cinema, films from around the world were being screened as well as the shortlisted films for the evening's Film Awards Gala event.

Young Deaffest Awards took place mid-morning with Zebra Uno's Jack Smallwood as host and Young Deaffest Ambassador Alex Nowak speaking with the group. Special guest, Rachel Shenton, an actress who played the character 'Mitzeee' in Hollyoaks also spoke with the group and presented the award to the winning film. (You can view her exclusive interview video here:  19 years old William Horsefield was the lucky winner with his film 'I Won't Do That Again' (an exclusive interview with him can be viewed here:

In addition to film screenings, workshops were held throughout the day, including an Adults Scriptwriting Workshop led by Kalen Feeney (a screenwriter). A Children's Drama workshop led by Paula Garfield (the Artistic Director of Deafinitely Theatre) and Charlie Arrowsmith (a Deaf Actress).

Deaffest held its first Film Panel seminar during the afternoon. The panel included film directors, producers and actors. The discussion covered a variety of film related topics with the audience participating in the debates and asking questions.

Check out the Saturday Daytime video: 

Deaffest 2013 Gala Award opened by Clive Mason, well-known Deaf TV Presenter.  There were 6 Film Award categories altogether and each awards have been presented by 6 well-known deaf individuals Kalen Feeney, presented Best Actor; Paula Garfield, presented Best Director; Jean St. Clair, presented Best International; Joe Weaver, presented Best Actress; John Hay, presented Best Documentary; Paddy Ladd, presented Best British Film.  The Gala Awards evening provided with entertainment of comedy sketches of Gavin Lilley and 'Buddha Know's a production of Aliya Gulamani as part of Deafinitely Theatre's 4Play 2013 with Charlotte Arrowsmith, Brian Duffy and David Sands.

The Winners of Deaffest 2013 were as followers:

Best Actor: Hal Draper for his role in 'Still Here'.

Best Actress: Aliya Gulamani for her role 'September 11'.

Best Director: Ted Evans for his film 'The End'.

Best International Film: 'Here in Silence' directed by Australia’s Jake Willis.

Best Documentary: 'Who Cares' directed by Camilla Arnold.

Best British Film: 'Champion of the World' directed by Bim Ajadi.

Check out our Gala Award Night video:

The aftermath of Gala Award night, everyone gathered around into the courtyard ready for the late party and for the first time ever at Deaffest 'the Visual Vernacular Competition'.  Sitting on the VV judge panel were Richard Carter, BSL tutor; Jean St Clair, Actress; Gavin Lilley, The Hub presenter; Marilyn Willrich, Zebra Director; and Clive Mason, host of Deaffest 2013.

There was a total of 8 performers in the competition; Zoe Mcwhinney, Jason Sharpe, Brian Duffy, Ishtiaq Hussain, David Sands, William Johnson, and Rinkoo Barpaga.  After each competitor had performed the judges completed a score sheet. Once all had performed the judges then announced the three names with the highest score, these were the VV Competition Winners.

First and winner: Adam Bassett

Second Place: Ishtiaq Hussain

Third Place: Brian Duffy 

Check out our Visual Vernacular Competition and Late Night Party video:

Early morning on the Sunday, after a late night party the night before, the Gala Award winning films and Young Deaffest winning films were screened starting from 10am. In the upstairs studio cinema the NDCS (National Deaf Children's Society) were running an animation workshop "Get Creative Day" led by Biomation.  Biomation is an animation production company specialising in exploring issues related to children, including deafness.  20 Deaf / Hard of Hearing children aged between 8 and 16 took part to expand their knowledge and skills in animation.

Check it out:  

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