Richard Griffiths Tribute

We would like to offer our condolences to Richard's family, who sadly died due to heart complications, aged 65 on Thursday 28th March.

Both Zebra and Deaffest staff met Richard Griffiths in July last year, after he accepted to become Deaffest's first patron. Deaffest conducted the exclusive interview at Savoy Theatre, where Richard himself signed throughout discussed his childhood growing up with Deaf parents and offered advice for Deaf filmmakers and actors.

Soon after Richard accepted to be patron for Deaffest, and though he could not attended last years Deaffest, he sent a hand written letter in which he said that he was "flattered to be invited to be a patron" and "the idea of encouraging Deaf people to get involved in making films, and here I don't care how big or small the scale of the product, strikes me as being excellent".

The Richard Griffiths interview will be premiered at Deaffest on Friday evening 17th May 2013 at Light House in Wolverhampton.