Latest news for deafest 2013

Deaffest have been extremely busy these past months and preparations for Deaffest 2013 are well on their way.  Deaffest 2013 will take place on the 17th to 19th May at Light House, Wolverhampton.

So, to butter your taste buds and see what Deaffest has been up to, here's some news we'd like to share.

Firstly, Deaffest are pleased to announce that Zebra Access have successfully achieved charity status, which now means that Zebra Access will be funding and coordinating Deaffest alongside Zebra Uno Ltd.  It is important to note that Zebra Uno Ltd are still the primary partner.  As result of this, our Deaffest coordinators, Mija and Jackie, have new email addresses and can be contacted on the following:

Mija Gwyn:

Jackie Law:

For more information regarding Zebra Access' involvement, check the link here.

Deaffest 2012 were pleased to announce the exciting news of Richard Griffiths becoming the Patron of Deaffest.  This year, Young Deaffest are delighted to announce Alex Nowak as our Young Deaffest Ambassador.  It is an absolutely privilege having Alex on board and, as a young actor and filmmaker with a beaming future, he will be sharing of his experiences via a video-diary, to our Deaffest audience.  For more information, check out the link.

During Deaffest 2012, the Ben Steiner Bursary Award was awarded to Ted Evans.  Since May, he has been extremely busy working on his film project, which will be premiered at Deaffest 2013 on Friday 17th May.  Ted's film is currently in its pre-production stage with a shooting scheduled in place for the New Year.  Exciting times ahead for Ted and his film!  For more information and to keep up to date with Ted's film progress, here's the link you need. 

The Deaffest team are incredibly excited for what Deaffest 2013 has in store- the fun activities, the Ben Steiner Film premier by Ted Evans, film screenings from around the UK and Worldwide, stalls throughout the weekend, it's never ending.  Here's sneak preview.

But... remember, do not forget to submit your film for the Deaffest Gala Awards, Young Deaffest Award and Non-Competition films.  We've enjoyed receiving so many, so far!