Day Out at Dudley Zoo




We here at Zebra Access have an interesting event coming up, do you want to tell them what the event is?

During April half term if you're stuck thinking what to do or where to go come to Dudley Zoo

Ah wow, Dudley Zoo when is it?

The 11th of April 2018.

Great, what time should people arrive?

We'd say to meet at 10.30am ready to go in at 11am.

Who can come?

You're all welcome: Deaf parents, Deaf children, Hearing parents, hearing children, or even if you don't have any children you are welcome to come along.

Fantastic and how much will it cost?

Adults are £16.50 but this has been reduced to £7.50 which is a good offer and children will be £6.50

Wow that's a massive reduction. I'm sure people would really enjoy it.

Oh yeah seeing the animals

And there will person provided that will tell us all about the different animals

I'm excited to see this I can't wait to see...

A giraffe?

A giraffe, no they're too big and I'm short

A monkey?

Yeah ok maybe a monkey

What do I want to see? I don't know I'll have to have a look.

An elephant?

Ooh an elephant maybe.

It's exciting so we hope to see you there

Bye bye!!