Meet our Advocacy Officer

We would like to introduce our new Advocacy Officer - Trent Szilva-Beasley. Welcome to the Zebra Access team!

Zebra Access, a local Deaf charity based in Wolverhampton, has secured funding from the Big Lottery Fund to develop services for Deaf people over the next 5 years. This new project will address the main needs of Deaf people in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas by providing appropriate access to information and services. This project will see a Community Hub developed, where service users can go to discuss their issues, be signposted to appropriate services and be supported in their preferred communication method (i.e. British Sign Language, sign supported English, lip-reading etc.) The project will also aim to develop an accessible society to meet the communication needs of Deaf people, by offering community and youth development, advocacy and communication awareness services. The Advocacy Officer will be instrumental in supporting the Community Development Officer to develop the Deaf community hub and its services.